Energy as a common resource

15-18 September 2022 New Alphabet School #Commoning, HKW, Berlin Renewable energy infrastructures, wind and solar farms, long-distance energy grids are rapidly multiplying at a planetary scale, sweeping the last unexploited habitats of the world, endangering forms of life critical to our common survival. What it means to share resources that are supposedly unlimited, abundant and […]

Blowing with the wind. Fleeting sovereignties of a post-national world order

A video essay by Constantina Theodorou & Giorgos Papadatos, Counterpublics – 2021 [collaboration with Strelka Mag– cancelled because of Russia- Ukraine war] …….There was once, not long before, a world of dividing lines; they live in a world of electrified wires going up and down, undersea and in the air. It is a world of […]

Soft Protocols

ENGLISH/ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ August-November 2021.Series of interventions at the border of the city, Athens, organized by COUNTERPUBLICS Soft spaces, spaces in the interstices of “hardly” defined territorial entities, emerging in the gaps of legal jurisdictions, are always “in between”, trapped in a legal limbo, spaces of a-legality by default, deviant territories of action.  They are rather […]