blowing with the wind

A video essay byConstantina Theodorou – Giorgos PapadatosCounterpublics – 2021 Featured Archive FootageSuperstudio – Supersurface – An alternative model for life on the Earth – 1972Peter Fischli and David Weiss – Der Lauf der Dinge – 1987The World of Buckminster Fuller – by Robert Snyder– 1974Sofia Superstudio – Twelve Cautionary Tales for Christmas – 1971Buckminster […]

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Soft Protocols

ENGLISH/ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ upcoming, October 2021Series of public space interventions at the border of the city, AthensOrganized by COUNTERPUBLICS Soft spaces, spaces in the interstices of “hardly” defined territorial entities, emerging in the gaps of legal jurisdictions, are always “in between”, trapped in a legal limbo, spaces of a-legality by default, deviant territories of action.  They […]